Welcome To The Latest Jaw Dropping Options In Bathroom Appliances

When you make the decision to update or remodel your bathroom, you will find a whole new world available to you when choosing your appliances.  With your color scheme in place and your light fixtures just right, it’s time to see what’s available to complete your spa bathroom redesign.


Toto s-300e and s-350e offer 2-user setup, auto-cleaning, warm air dryer and much more
Toto s-300e and s-350e offer 2-user setup, auto-cleaning, warm air dryer and much more

Gone are the days of the short white porcelain toilet.  Manufacturers are addressing not only design, but water usage, lighting and remote control options.  Raised seats are now popular, offering the ultimate in comfort and style.  There is no doubt that the toilet is the most critical feature in any bathroom, the appliance that gets the most use.  Check into all the options and see how far this appliance has come.

Among some of the more sophisticated features available are controlled seat temperature (no more cold porcelain or plastic!), and automatic seat adjustment for male and female users.  We are all more conscious of water usage in our homes, and manufacturers have responded by offering a dual flush option for conservation.


Kohler contemporary Asian setup for a luxurious bathroom
Kohler contemporary Asian setup for a luxurious bathroom

As you get further along toward your goal of creating a private spa retreat in your home, you will be delighted with the spectacular bathtubs now on the market.  Today’s bathtubs have to be experienced to be believed.  Technology has played a critical role in these advances, adding chromo therapy lights and music vibration to the massaging jets.

Effervescence baths are now available to deliver a one of a kind experience of small gentle bubbles that envelop the body.  Taking a bath can now become an event and built in heaters will keep your water temperature warm and comfortable for as long as you want.  You are in full control of bath time on your spa-type bathroom.


Sinks have also undergone major modernization.  You have your choice of materials, ranging from glass, copper, stone, acrylic and stainless steel.  You have as many options for surface tops.  Sink design can take a very modern turn or stay traditional.  The choice is all yours.

There is every reason to be excited about the prospect of updating your bathroom this fall.  Design is Everywhere, and manufacturers are offering more than just toilets, tubs and sinks, they are offering a full sensory experience.

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