The delight is in the Details – Faucets and Accessories

When it comes to bathroom design, little things mean a lot.  You may think you need to spend the most of your time picking your spa master bathroom tub or shower.  These are important items, there is no doubt, but smaller hardware and accessories can really make your bathroom stand out.  A little extra time and care in picking these items will elevate the entire room.  The delight is in the details, and your bathroom redesign must take everything into account.

Delta Single Handle with Touch Free Technology - more freedom for your daily activities
Delta Single Handle with Touch Free Technology – more freedom for your daily activities


The sleek design of today’s faucet options is something to behold.  You can select from  the two knob sink faucets, the single lever faucet, the top mounted or wall mount options for a modern or a more classic look with up-to-date functionality.  If you want to push the envelope and go ultra-modern in your spa master bathroom, you can go for the hands-free technology or for the faucets with LED lights that shows in tree colors, the water temperature selected. In addition, each style option comes with many finishes to choose from; brushed nickel, chrome, brass, copper, oil-rubbed bronze, matt, shine or even textured.

Kohler Purist wall-mounted faucet in Brused gold finish
Easy to operate, this Kohler Purist Faucet – modern style, is wall mounted and offer many finishes including this Brushed Gold option.

Don’t forget your tub or shower faucet.  Try to imagine the bliss of stepping into your shower and with the press of a button, having your preset temperature flow with lights, music and massage to compliment your spa experience.  All of this digital and at your fingertips.  If you are a bath person, you can have the best of both worlds in your tub with a subtle but convenient hand shower attached to the bathtub levers.  Every part of your bathroom will be transformed.

The LED lights give you a touch of color using sensor technology as on these German Hansacanyon faucets. Blue for the cold; lavender for the warm and red for the hot water.

When choose your faucet’s finish, coordinate them with your cabinet hardware and accessories for a great overall look!


The finishing touches are the icing on the cake of your new or redesigned spa master bathroom.  When you take so much care in choosing your faucets, sinks, tubs and toilets, you don’t want to pick just any accessory.  The bar where you hang your towel or the hook where your robe rests should also represent your personal style.  In addition, light fixtures and shelving for toiletries can bring everything together for the complete look.  Adding seats on your shower; Teak floor mats; special trays and head holders to your tub; or decorative mirrors, are options that spicy your bathroom. Design is everywhere, on the walls, behind the door and in the shower.  Make sure your faucets and accessories speak to your aesthetic in every way.

Custom Teak mat from Teak4you
Accessories like this Custom made teak mat from Teak4you and seats, removable or built-in, are details that will give a relaxed and warm feeling to you spa master bathroom.

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