Celebrate Your Style – Bathroom Cabinetry

You have taken so much time and care in picking each and every accessory in your spa master bath.  You’ve replaced the showerhead and found the ultimate toilet.  You’ve splurged on a heated towel rack and designer hooks.  Now it’s … Continued

The delight is in the Details – Faucets and Accessories

When it comes to bathroom design, little things mean a lot.  You may think you need to spend the most of your time picking your spa master bathroom tub or shower.  These are important items, there is no doubt, but … Continued

Bringing The Spa Home

In our busy world, more and more people want to escape their stress, without having to plan a destination vacation.  A little relaxation each day goes a long way, and you can access it in your own home.  Have you … Continued


Bathroom remodeling is getting more involved. The spa like master bath or a showcase powder room has been more and more requested. The industry is creating many luxury products to attend to that increased demand. Many times, the magazine pictures … Continued