Singing In The Shower

Have you ever had a great idea in the shower?  You’re not alone.  Many people find their most brilliant inspiration in that most routine but revitalizing of activities.  Imagine if your shower itself was an inspiration.  You may not be ready for a full shower re-do, but taking steps toward your compete spa master bath experience will include discovering all of the possibilities.  You will be surprised by the number of options available, including those that are simple but transformational.


Kohler Moxie shower head
The Kohler Moxie shower head is a new and all personal experience. Including Bluetooth techonoly, this shower head allows you to select your songs from your Ipod, remove the speaker and take it with you plus select the color you want the central speaker. For sure a one-of-a-kind shower experience!

Nothing can make or break a shower like the showerhead.  It is less than satisfying to look forward to a shower and have trouble even getting your hair wet due to lack of water pressure.  Replacing your showerhead can take your shower from “blah” to “ahh” in no time. You can enjoy a variety of massaging water options and pressure types.  You can go for the sublime rainhead, but still enjoy a hand held, all in the same unit.  There is a showerhead option for every style and budget.

Kohler DTV control systems for shower
The Kohler unique experience goes beyond the shower heads with this micro DTV interface. It controls and save your shower temperature, jets preferences and more, recreating your personal environment easily and without guess

Doors and benches

When you swap a shower curtain for a shower door, you automatically create an elegant look in your spa master bath without breaking the bank.  There are dozens of shower door options and you can say goodbye to shower curtain mildew forever.  Even with a bath/shower combination, you can have sliding shower doors installed, with standard or barn type hardware, everything is possible. Walking-in showers with no doors or frameless showers for a clean look, the options are there for you to enjoy.

In your designated shower area, consider adding flooring that allows or includes a seating area.  This option is not reserved for a large shower space, any size bathroom can enjoy this upgrade.  All it takes is a little imagination and spa inspiration. Add a retractable seat is also an option when space is  an issue.

Custom Showers – The

Walking shower with frameless glass enclosure
This walking-in shower has a Vigo shower door with barn door hardware for a great look.

Next Level

Now that you have started to elevate your existing bathroom shower, you can go as far as your dreams will take you.  Today’s custom shower packages include all of the above options, showerheads, doors, benches and a few elements that are truly magical.

Imagine hearing your favorite tunes while enjoying dozens of angled water nozzles in perfectly regulated temperatures.  This is truly a dream master spa bath experience that will have you singing in the shower.

Design Is Everywhere, and you deserve the most inspiring shower options available.

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