Remodeling – Does this Word Frighten You?

"kitchen remodel"Everybody deserves to live in a comfortable home, appropriate for their personal needs. Unfortunately that is not always the case… Few people really have the privilege of building their dream house. And even when that happens, in spite of spending the years and the new personal and familiar scenarios, the house often stops meeting the needs and necessities of the residents, who start to leave with the remodeling dream. Meanwhile, many people are afraid to go through the remodeling process. To remodel, be it a single room or the complete house, for many people means stress, high costs, delays and very often frustrated results. Does that happen? Yes. Does it need to happen? No. To contract a competent professional, which together with his team, are able to develop the client’s vision, seeing it to the end and thus undoubtedly removing many, if not all of the problems produced by hiring workers without the proper initial planning or a project manager to see it through to completion.

Do you need a license?

To build, add, remodel or demolish a building almost always requires a permit from the Building Department of your city. In fact, to build without the proper permits is illegal and may result fines. To build or remodel you must follow the Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Codes and your city specific construction and planning guides. For certain maintenance services and repairs that do not modify the building structure a permit may not be requested. Check with your city or ask the professional you are contracting if your job requests a permit.

The city may allow the homeowner to apply for a permit to do the job yourself. The “Owner-Builder Affidavit” form is available in the City Building Department. In this case the owner is the only one responsible for the service and all liabilities.

Where should I start?

The initial planning will determine the nature and the size of the remodeling needed to fulfil the home-owner’s request. The plan includes the objectives, the cost, the time the project should take including the necessary time needed for permits and inspections. Once you get the plan in place, get the permits your dream begins to become reality. The art and the technique work together to determine what and how it is possible to attend all the equation/planning variables. The contracted professional will work with you to develop the project and specify the necessary materials required to complete the job and keeping in mind the space physical restrictions, the applicable codes and the job budget.

Kitchens and bathrooms are in general, the most common areas that homeowners want to be remodeled to give their home a facelift and create a more timeless look. An active professional in this industry is, in general, able to perform a remodeling in other similar areas of the home as well. It is highly recommended to contract a professional who have on her or his team people capable to do all your work under one command. Even if you need to deal with different professionals and sign individual contracts, it is much comfortable and less stressful to have one person in charge of the whole team who knows the project from the beginning to end.

To choose the project’s team is the most important decision in a remodeling project. Look for a professional that you trust and makes you feel secure and comfortable with his work. A confident relationship between contractor and contracted is essential for the desired project outcome as well as all the steps that lead to completion of your remodeling project. Remember, a well preserved and updated home besides the value of providing a pleasing and comfortable lifestyle to the owner and family, increase the property value in the real estate market and helps create a quick sale when it is needed.


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