This homeowner sold her apartment in N.Y.C. and decided to move to her vacation home in a private horse community in Florida. The builder laminate kitchen was not sufficient. An elaborate kitchen created with small changes in the footprint what allow the floor to remain. The homeowner passion for horses was the theme for the ambience. The renovation created more storage, a dramatic change in the scene but kept details from the original kitchen as the unique cabinet handles and decorative horse’s tiles. The space was very small for an island, but the client insisted in having an extra counter top area. The solution was design an island with wheels covered by a base molding. The cart, in a contrasted color, received a wine rack for only few bottles in order to become a tool for parties within keeping light weight to roll. The Interior Designer who assisted the homeowner play with the bright colors on the walls and accessories taking advantage of the natural light in particular at the shelf created at the window.

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