Our mission at Design is Everywhere is to restore passion and beauty to your life and home by designing and creating beautiful living areas. Our vision is to encourage and assist anyone, whether living alone or with family, to live comfortably, safely, independently and enjoyably, at any stage of their life, in their own home. Everyone deserves a place to call home. Everyone deserves a place to find happiness and pleasure in living.

Our goal is to transform your dreams into reality. We want to help your home evolve into an honest, efficient, and reliable environment by redesigning it with passion to enhance its livability and character. Our professional, quality work will positively impact you and your life for many years after the job is done.

Our dedication is to you. Our responsibility is to get the job done; we get the necessary permits and will resolve any situation that arises with our dedicated customer service. We value you and your trust in us; we are eternally grateful for our clients, returning customers, and those to whom we’ve been referred.

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