Living Green

Do you know what the world movement called “Green” really means? We are accustomed to living on a planet with sudden climate changes, food rationing and diseases generated by unhealthy foods. What have we done to minimize these problems and give our children and grandchildren a better world? It’s necessary for all of us to do something, no matter how small. EVERYTHING we do has an impact and if EVERYONE changed just one thing for the betterment of the planet it would change EVERYTHING! The Green movement is the result of this necessity. All of us can and should begin with small things in our daily routine participating in the fight for the common good of everyone. Living Green is living better. It’s living healthy and preserving nature. Some changes, such as a new construction or upgrading a home, may require a higher initial cost. And although most people think “going green” is more costly, in the long run it is not. Overall, not everything Green is expensive and the revenue is also compensating, whether it is in the quality of life, health or even more dollars in your pocket. Read about all of the things that you can do at different levels in order to live better and respect nature.

 "Thinl Green"

  • ·         Recycle! With only one phone call to your town’s city hall you can ask for special trash cans for recycling which are distributed free of charge. When you remodel your kitchen, recycle your cabinetry! Habitat for the Humanity, and other associations, will gladly take your donation, give you a receipt and in most cases you can even use the donation as a deduction on your Income Tax. A great way to help “humanity” and your pocketbook by re-using your cabinetry on the low income homes. You recycle, you get money back on your taxes for donating what you would throw away anyway, and you help someone in need! What a great thing to do!
  • ·         Check all of your windows and doors. If they are not closed properly, fix them as soon as possible. By doing this you will avoid an overload in the internal air conditioning system, eventually generating a more efficient and less wasteful system;
  • ·         If the glass on your windows and doors are foggy in the morning, especially on very warm days, plan on changing them. This is a large investment, but it also brings great revenue. Opting for hurricane proof windows and doors you will acquire higher security, reduce the cost of your home insurance, lower the cost of air conditioning and heating systems and prevent the rays from the sun in discoloring photos and sofas which may be exposed. Don’t forget to order glass with UV-ray protection;
  • ·         Clean the ducts and change the filters of the air conditioning system regularly; change the refrigerator’s filter every six months or follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Not only will this increase the health and well-being of your family, you will be saving energy;
  • ·         Replace the water heating system of your residence with a solar heating system and using systems that do not utilize any boilers.
  • ·         Try to plug in appliances and electronics in a way that you are able to unplug them when not in use instead of leaving them in “stand by” mode. Besides reducing the cost of electric energy through the discharge of radioactive waves emitted when connected to the electric current, this will stop affecting the health of your family members.


In my next post I will share those improvements you can make in your kitchen to live a healthier life and improve the quality of life on our planet.


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  1. Thank you Solange for sharing such an important topic. If enough people raise the “world’s conciousness” about the green movement, the planetary vibration will change dramatically for the better.

    Love your articles,

    Heidi Richards Mooney

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