I Love Lucy, Do You?

Last Saturday Google reminded us that it was the anniversary of Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday. Wow! I am still laughing with her fool situations! She did a very interesting personalization of the 50’s housewife. She was dedicated to her family, always trying to help to promote her husband, and at the same time, trying to find her own place in this world.

"I love Lucy - Kitchen"
I love Lucy Kitchen Set

As a housewife, many of the series programs took place in her home. Do you remember her kitchen set up? Typical insert doors, custom made, with the hardware carefully installed in the middle of the door. The styles and characteristics of the time are evident through the home’s decoration and architectural style. However our goal is to always create a timeless job, between the industry’s evolution and the interior design fashion, which is always changing, adding updated technology and creating new styles is a must.

The inset doors, on traditional American framed cabinets, still very much a part of the decor in the central and north U.S. regions. Today it is one of the top cabinet styles cost-wise! In the southern region of the U.S. European style cabinetry, is more requested (most likely because the higher number of immigrants inhabiting the areas). The economy downsizing the job market, reducing opportunities and salaries, is slowly changing this scenario. Many of the less expensive, imported lines, available in the southern part of the country, are seeing increased sales of the framed cabinetry. Let me clarify that the way the box is made, with or without a frame, is not what will make a cabinet line become more or less expensive. High-end manufactures use framed box on their lines as well frameless. It is a customer option.

What is the difference between the two carcasse types? On the framed cabinet a solid wood frame, usually between 1-1/4”and 1-1/2” wide, is attached to the front of the box for more stability. The doors are attached to the frame. On most traditional cabinets, the frame is partially visible. When the door fits inside the frame, it is called as inset door cabinet. Cabinet makers are installing large doors on framed boxes, hiding almost the entire frame, to give them a “European” look. It is what we call a full-overlay door.

Frameless boxes are built that way because of the strength in the box itself, not in the frame. The doors are attached to the side, what means they will be closer when the cabinets are side-by-side. Because this type of cabinet has no frame, it provides more internal space, what helps with inserts installation.

Again, the type of cabinet box is a customer option that does not interfere with the final quality of the cabinetry. You can buy excellent cabinets with either type of construction.
Now, that you have more information about cabinet boxes, look at your kitchen and see what types of cabinet box you currently have and how you feel about it. If your kitchen looks like Lucy’s kitchen, it’s time for a change! One of the most rewarding improvements you can do for your home is to update the room which is the heart of your house.  Have fun! Enjoy your kitchen again!

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