Yeah, Tax Season is Over!

April 15th has come and gone. Taxes have been filed and you are relieved. Are you over the stress? Probably yes! You have either already paid what you owed or received your refund in the mail. And you have deposited it in the bank. Maybe you have a plan that includes a home makeover. With the money you got back, you no longer have to put off plans for your kitchen or bath remodeling. In fact, now is the perfect time to remodel your home. Prices are at an all-time low and today you can save 10,20, or even 30% off what you might have paid to do a makeover just a few short years ago.

Now is the time to take advantage of all the offers and discounts and options available for you kitchen and/or bath remodel. And today you can get quality products for great prices. Even the traditional manufactures are introducing less expensive collections and products, with the same quality and warranty they are know for with tehir higher end lines, using simpler designs that are overall less expensive to manufacture for the kitchen and bath. This is great for the budget-minded homeowner or someone with more money to spend. No matter what yoou budge, prices are much more competitive these days and the type of renovations you make can be done to maintain and increase the value of your home.

One way to stay within budget is with the help of a professional. Someone who can help you save money by showing you how and where to save as well as what you need and don’t need. Choosing a designer to help you thru the renovation and remodeling process is worth the money. She (or he) will be able to analyze your space, needs and wishes and create a unique functional layout to meet your needs. The designer will help you to select the materials according to the project and your pocketbook. To get the right specs is fundamental to achieving a kitchen or bath that you will be happy with and proud to show off. Renovation materials are often selected the same way you select your car. It may be based on the manufacture warranty, performance, beauty, gadgets or extras, taking into consideration that which is most important to you. Hiring a designer that is up to date on the new trends and understand the performance of the new appliances will be able to guide you through the purchasing as well as layout and design for your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

It is important to find a designer with whom you can relate. One that understands your needs and the market and can marry the two to give you the best outcome for your project. She (or he) will need to know you and your family very well to be able to provide you with the solution that will make you happy for many years to come. Keep in mind that to create a design is like to drink an energy drink. When you start the energy flow, the ideas grow; many concepts and layouts appear in front of the designers eyes. It is your job to limit that process. The way to do that is been prepared. Do your homework before meeting with your designer. Think about the style you would like to see in your home, the colors that are attractive to you, what will make you happy to have and what is essential for you. Collect pictures, go to visit family, friends, model homes, showrooms and take notes. Look at your actual space and write down what you like or and don’t like about what you already have. Think about how much time you can allow for the construction. And, more important, set your budget. Having this information ahead of time will save you time and money and will give the designer the best scenario to do her job in a much more productive way. It will cost you less in the long run in both time and money and the result will be a completed home renovation that meets your expectations, avoiding dealing with frustrations that can go with a job like this.

Your home is where you relax and enjoy family and friends. Make sure it is the way you like. Have fun. Live well!


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