Celebrate Your Style – Bathroom Cabinetry

You have taken so much time and care in picking each and every accessory in your spa master bath.  You’ve replaced the showerhead and found the ultimate toilet.  You’ve splurged on a heated towel rack and designer hooks.  Now it’s time to choose your bathroom cabinetry.  Even if the cabinetry is the only thing you change in your remodel, you will dramatically transform your bathroom.  This design element allows you to show and celebrate your unique style.  Here are few things to consider as you go through the process.


Double Sink Dark Modern Cabinet
The modern cabinetry in dark color have two sinks for a comfortable Master Bathroom. The tower cabinets add needed extra storage.

Even though you want to achieve a certain “look” with your bathroom cabinetry, function must be considered.  Your bathroom will require the right amount of storage for all who will use it.  Ask yourself how much space you will realistically need to store everything neatly and maintain your bathroom clutter-free.  How many people will share the storage space?  How tall (or short) are they?  How can you maximize the space you are working with (large or small) with the right balance of shelves and drawers?  How is the lighting in your bathroom and how will the cabinets you choose affect the ambience?


Your dream may be custom cabinetry built to your exact specifications complete with the latest design advancements and premium finish.  However your budget may not allow this.  Don’t worry that you will have to settle for something less than you dreamed of for your spa master bath.  A design professional can guide you through the various options that may even include stock cabinets or semi-custom cabinetry that will meet all of your goals without destroying your budget.  Once you decide on your price point, investigate different manufacturers and work with your design professional to put in cabinetry that is high quality and reflects your aesthetic, but doesn’t break the bank.Light color cabinetry 017


The installation of bathroom cabinetry is the most important part of the entire process.  An experienced professional with an eye for detail can take standard cabinetry and install it in a way that will give it a “wow” factor usually reserved for the most expensive custom work.  Design Is Everywhere and when your remodel is complete and you know you have made all of the right choices, there will indeed be cause for celebration.     Sept 2010 172

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