Bringing The Spa Home

In our busy world, more and more people want to escape their stress, without having to plan a destination vacation.  A little relaxation each day goes a long way, and you can access it in your own home.  Have you thought about turning your bathroom into your own personal spa getaway? Imagine walking into your house knowing that within its walls, you have your very own luxury retreat.    No matter how big or how small, you can bring a spa-like feel to your bathroom.

Kalista bathroom
Kalista – a special Kohler line that has stylist elements to create a great spa bathroom.

If you have been wanting to remodel one or all of the bathrooms for as long as you’ve lived in your home, now is the time to figure out how you can bring new life to your surroundings.  You can go big and knock down a wall or replace a linen closet and create a larger bathroom space.  You can put in an oversized spa tub and a steam shower.  You can add customized cabinetry for an elegant look that contains clutter and keeps the area always looking tidy.  You can do everything at once, or you can go step by step, adding a few luxuries here and there in accordance with your budget.

There are always things you can do to make your design dreams come true.  Are you ready to bring the spa home?


No matter how small or large your space or how much construction you are prepared to do, start with ambience.  Does the color scheme in your bathroom to give off a calming effect?  You start and end your day in there, so make sure you are walking into a bathroom that speaks not only to your aesthetic, but eases your mind and sets the tone for the day.   Peace and serenity are the goal not only at the beginning of the day, but also at the end.  When you’re winding down and getting ready for a good night’s sleep, a bright red wall might not be the look you’re after.

The most effective colors to achieve your perfect ambience are earth tones or pastels.  Those are two very different palates, so make sure you test out a few color choices to find just the right shade.  A coat of paint can make a huge difference to any space in your home, including the bathroom.  Once your walls are painted, you will find there are other changes you can make here and there, all on the road to the bathroom of your dreams.


Lighting is another way to turn your current ho-hum bathroom into a private retreat.  You want adequate lighting when you are applying make-up or shaving, but not when you’re taking a bubble bath.  One solution for this is to add lighting on either side of your mirror in the form of wall sconces that have their own switch.  The rest of the bathroom can be illuminated with recessed lighting that comes with a dimmer switch, for those extra-long soaks in the tub.

Master Bath - a space for relaxation
Master Bath – a space for relaxation

If your bathroom has a lot of natural light coming in, this is wonderful, especially for your morning routine.  But, if it is too bright, you should think about using adequate window treatments that are stylish and easy to operate.  Your spa bathroom is your private retreat, and the lighting makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel.  What changes can you make to your bathroom lighting to make it look and feel as it is new?

A Little Something Extra

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a warm towel waiting for you as you leave the bath, fully relaxed?  Or when you step out of the shower first thing in the morning, to not have wipe down a fogged up mirror?  A few luxuries here and there will transform your bathroom into a first class resort, without a stress inducing price tag.  Think about indulging in a heated towel rack, heated tiles or a fogless mirror.  All of these small changes elevate the design and transform your experience.

A custom cabinet of any size with just the right amount of drawers and shelves will keep your spa bathroom clutter-free and inviting.  You can use your bathroom counter space for the delightful pot pourri candles and essential oils you’ll be using to transport yourself to another world.


Your bathroom can become your sanctuary with a few thoughtful changes, additions and deletions to your current space.  Remember, Design Is Everywhere, and you can bring the spa home with a beautiful new master bath. You’re worth it!

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