Bathroom remodeling is getting more involved. The spa like master bath or a showcase powder room has been more and more requested. The industry is creating many luxury products to attend to that increased demand. Many times, the magazine pictures of the luxury bathrooms are not affordable for the majority. However, there are many ways and materials that can create the luxurious bath without breaking the bank. Starting today I will be talking about different materials, fixtures and accessories that are being reinvented to respond to the homeowners needs for a special relaxing place in their home and solutions that can give you that special bathroom.

Medicine cabinets are one of the several items that have been upgraded for comfort and luxury.

Kohler Verdera Collection - 3 doors
The Kohler Verdera Collection – 3 door model with the magnified mirror that slides to adjust to the user height

The Kohler Verdera collection of medicine cabinets is made with aluminum cases to last longer; can be recessed in the wall or installed over it. They are internally mirrored and have a magnified mirror that can be adjusted easily to different heights to better serve those who share the bathroom. With many sizes available from one door to three doors and the possibility of joining cabinets together for even larger spaces and soft closing doors, this is an affordable option for many homeowners.

For those looking for more sophistication, Robern, another division of Kohler, offers it.

Robern Uplift Door Medicine Cabinet add luxury to your bathroom
Robern Uplift Door Medicine Cabinet adds luxury to your bathroom

From a soft blue color light that will help you to find your way in the dark night; internal lights; safety  outlets; electric shelves with MP3 jack;  lift up doors to the TV integrated in the corner so that it does not interfere with the mirror use. This medicine cabinet line offers many great features to help to transform the bathroom into a retreat to relax and re-energize you from a hard working day.

Robern M series with TVID
Sophistication in the bathroom with Robern M series medicine cabinet with TVID

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