SolangeDesign is Everywhere is a company born from the dream of giving to the customer a friendly and knowledgeable team that works without a tremendous overhead. Making affordable projects that will allow more people to enjoy having their home remodeling, renovation and redecorating taken care of by a pro. Over 65 years of combined experience in the kitchen and bath field, makes our team capable of managing a variety of different requests as unique jobs. This combined experience and skill gives to every customer the opportunity to embellish his/her home with professionals who care, who listen to their wishes and who will do the best for their space.

Our leader and founder, Mrs. Solange Boice, is an Architect graduate from the highly acclaimed Architecture School in Brazil, FAU/UFRJ. Receiving the first place award in the 1980 contest for a residential complex for low income people in Rio de Janeiro, Solange demonstrates her ability of planning for small and large scales. She has worked in both residential and commercial fields for years. In 2004 she decided to become a Certified Kitchen Designer by the National Kitchen and Bath Association thereafter dedicating herself to the residential Kitchen and Bath industry. Her deep experience in the construction business facilitates her tremendous vision in planning spaces, guiding our team to creating layouts that maximize the use of the rooms through creative solutions. Solange Boice knows the importance of staying up to date with the new technology and materials; and in doing so she is better able to assist her customers. This philosophy makes her dedicate herself to continual study and offer to her clientele out-of-the-box solutions for different situations. That is also the Design is Everywhere company philosphy.

Solange BoiceFor more than a year, Mrs. Boice wrote a home improvement column for the Florida Brazilian Community newspaper, Gazeta News, sharing her knowledge and creative ideas for affordable and innovative living. For over ten years Solange designed kitchens and baths for one of the largest dealers in South Florida participating in many projects for remodeling, new construction and model homes across the southern part of the state.

Solange’s approach to design, decorating and remodeling challenges and her desire to transform homes to add beauty to someone’s life, are the motivation for Design is Everywhere‘s team to accomplish each project as a unique piece of art.