6 tips to Create or update your kitchen for 2012

If you are planning a new kitchen or simply want to spice up your existing one in 2012, take a look at these six tips to create your new stylish room.

1. The new kitchens are not full of ornaments but not sleek either! They are simple and clean. They are functional, productive and warm. They are for everyday use.

"6 Square Cabinets 2012 new colors"2. Cabinet makers are continuing betting on the espresso and white duet, but new colors can be found on the cabinetry market for 2012. Consumers want lighter and brighter rooms. Add colors to cabinets, walls, countertops and accessories to reflect the new trend. Medium browns and pastel colors, contrasting with hi-gloss in moderation and vibrant color accents; will give the tune. Look for greens, blues, camels with undertones of pinks, purples and yellows. Use black and slate with satin gold and silver details. Let stained and painted cabinets share the same room.

3. Today’s busy life requires a more casual living with all family participating in everyday activities and friends collaborating during entertainment events. Choose integrated appliances to give the kitchen a clean look and to facilitate the work, reducing the time spent in some daily functions.

4. Islands and peninsulas are not only great work places; they are the center of cooking and gathering in the kitchen. Installing pendent lights with rich and deep hues transform those areas to an exciting focal point. Even a small island, in a different color or style, will make the kitchen pop up!

5. Blend different materials, colors and textures; open up the space with open shelves and glass cabinets. Add new generation LED lights under and or inside the cabinets. Add see-thru draperies or no curtains on the windows to welcome the sun light.

6. Add good quality wood accessories and colorful small eco-friendly appliances. The contrast will bring a connection between past and future. It will warm the space at the same time that keeps it practical and fun; preserving the roots and the future of the family.

The 2012 kitchen is a reflection of today’s life style: simple; functional; conscious of the planet and heritage; and always a place to be happy and celebrate family and friends!

Simple lines, clean look, color detail - the 2012 kitchen is inviting and comfortable.


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  1. Love your tips. I would like my kitchen to be more simple and maybe I will remove some of my decorations like ornamented plants and just stay simple and yes, like what you said, more functional. I’d like a metallic color for my kitchen. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Angel, natural flowers and real fruits and vegetables are excited ornaments for any kitchen! Because they are real, you will use them on daily base; and buying new ones it will change color, texture and appearance of your room. It’s simple, practical, totally ecological, and will never make you tired of the same look! Display your grocery shopping in natural baskets or metallic bins, or better, have more than one place to display the items, changing it once a month or so for an even fresher look! You will have a simple, enjoyable kitchen. If you like my idea and try it, share with us how it’s working for you. May be you can send us a picture of your fell-good- kitchen! Thanks for your comment.

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