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Last Thursday I had the opportunity of participating in a learning breakfast at the Sub-Zero Wolf Hollywood showroom. Janet Salls, the Marketing Representative, and Stacey Davis, the showroom manager, who prepared a fantastic feast, received all of us, designers, who took the time to enjoy the meeting and learn about the newest upgraded service available to Sub-Zero Wolf customers.

"Sub-Zero Showroom Hollywood Florida"
Sub-Zero showroom in Hollywood, FL

Sub-Zero Wolf is recognized as a manufacturer of excellent residential kitchen appliances, and for providing their customers with exceptional customer service on those rare cases where assistance is needed. Only highly trained, always updated technicians are recommended by Sub-Zero. All companies through the U.S. listed as their agents are factory certified. This means that their technicians are directly trained at the factory or at one of their showrooms. The certified companies always know about new appliances before they are introduced to the public. If a problem occurs with the new item, the company technicians know how to handle it. To top it all off, at last week’s training, Kent Crawford, owner of Kenco Services, Inc., in Hialeah, the only factory certified service for Dade and Broward counties, informed about the new project just launched by Sub-Zero, and called, Service of the Future. That means that the already fast, efficient, and guaranteed service provided, is becoming even better!

Every service call must be responded to immediately, within 24 hours. Appointments are to be handled even more quickly than before; sometimes even on the same day! The staff has been trained to get the preliminary information processed so when the technician arrives at the customer’s home he will have the necessary parts on hand. If the problem requires a part not readily available from the truck, many other components are in stock at the Dade warehouse or at the north Florida parts distributor, which will ultimately reduce the waiting time for repairs. All crew members are trained to be courteous, to give the customer all the information required, and to protect the area where the service will take place, leaving the customer’s house in great condition when the service is finished. And, for the customer’s safety and security, both companies, Kenco and Sub-zero, identify and vouch for all their personnel.  

Sub-Zero’s philosophy is to support the customer in every way possible. When a homeowner buys their appliances, they want to make sure that the person is satisfied with that product. They want the customer to remain happy with the product for years to come. They want the customer to replace their unit when the time comes, for another Sub-Zero; and they want the customer to be their best advertisement. In order to achieve this, the manufacturer invests in technology, training and customer service. They recommend authorized installers to be used when the appliance goes to the customer’s home for three reasons; first, for the peace of mind that the installation is done correctly; second, in case the appliance has any defect caused during transport, that problem will be resolved immediately; and third, that by using an authorized installer, Sub-Zero is able to extend the warranty on the product for a full extra year!

Sub-Zero has an experienced Service Technical Adviser, Luis Cintron, at their showroom, available to respond to questions and resolve some problems by phone, helping customers even before they call the service representative. They also offer Use and Care classes to everyone who wants to know more on how to take care and prevent problems with their new appliances.

"Janet Salls"
Janet Salls - Sub-Zero Marketing Representative


As a designer, it’s great to know that we can specify a line that will stand behind it products as we do for our projects. Sorry, no pictures from the event itself!


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