Reduce your clutter, accessorize your closets!

Kitchen is the heart of our home. The place where we have fun gathering with family and friends and taking care of our loved one’s through our food preparation. Bathrooms are our private areas, places where we relax and experience our personal time. Closets are the necessary spaces to organize our homes. Closets can have different functions. These versatile places can keep clothes, shoes, linen, towels or foods, as well as many other things.

Built-in closets have different names depending on their style: reach-in; edge-in or walk-in. For the bedrooms, we can have free-standing armories or wardrobes. Also, we can have exclusive rooms or dressing rooms. Bathroom or hallway built-ins are called linen closets. In the kitchen, they become pantry closets or pantry cabinets. All, however, specific for different storages, built-in or cabinetry, are essential for keeping your house organized. Accessorize a closet, independent of its location or function, is a great way to maximize your space and get easy access to all the contents. When we opt for organizing our home through accessories, we reduce the clutter inside it, keeping all our stuff on hand when we need it. It is at the same time a smart, time saving, and health option.

are available in wood, metal, and acrylic; with different finishes for both wood and metal items. Baskets; shoes racks; pull-down rods; jewelry drawers; pullout mirrors, ties, belts, and valet rods; are some of the many options to make your life more comfortable and your day-by-day decision making easy.

Accessories by Rev-a-Shelf
Accessories for Bedroom and Pantry Closets and Cabinets by Rev-a-Shelf

Bedroom closet accessories

Pantry closets can become more users friendly when you add pullout drawers, baskets, and spice racks, to utilize the space. With more control, you reduce the waste of throwing out expired items hidden on the back of the shelf, and will help you save money by not buying unnecessary, duplicated items. Plus, with a better view of your stock, you will have fresh food always available, and have a much more fun experience cooking, without the need for look for your supplies and be disappointed with the missing product for your recipe. Money invested on accessories for your kitchen; in particular, always pays back in functionality, convenience, economy and health.

When we work with you on your home, we will analyze your needs and suggest the best inserts for your closet situation. Your life style and assets, as well as, particularities such as your height or any special requirements, will determine the final selection. With accessories in many sizes and finishes to use, compose your closet in any room, it is far easier than it appears. Accessorizing will give you the convenience that our busy life requires. Also, I guarantee you, that our accessory suppliers are very creative. They are always offering innovative, out of the box solutions for your home.

Reduce the clutter! Accessorize your closets and cabinetry! You will be surprised on how improved your life becomes.


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